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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the renting time availability?

    You can rent our boats half day (4 hours), Full Day (8 hour), or random charter. Contact us and we will take care of your needs.

    Can we bring our own food or drinks?

    Yes, you are welcome to accomodate yourself with your own food or drinks. Call us for more information about cleaning fees.

    Do we need a licence to rent your boats?

    No, all our boats are coming with a Captain. You only have to come in, ready to have fun.

    Do you offer Jet Ski?

    Yew, we have Jet Ski available for you. Contact us for more details.

    Do I need a reservation?

    Yes we do not accept walk ins. You need to make a reservatin. 50% of the cost of the charter is due upon signing and 50% 3 days prior of the reservation day.

    Do you offer Catering or Private Chef?

    Yes! We have the best catering vendors of the area working close with us to cover your catering needs. O course we have 2 private chefs, ready to prepare special delicious meals for you.